Fishing & Stream

 I want to thank everyone who participated in the fishing fee.  Everyone who paid a fee was supplied with back patches.  It is mandatory to have that back patch on when fishing.  I have a database of who paid and will verify that you paid.

 I also want to thank all the guys that helped with stream improvement.  That was the best group in years.  I have been asked to get more supplies for this year.  I will get them on order this spring.

This year’s stockings are more pre-weekend.  I was able to save on delivery by sharing the truck with another local club.  Also it gives better opportunity for the members to have 2 weekend days to fish.  I hope we can get the same stocking support for these days.

Everyone is still doing an exceptional job releasing fish.  We almost catch twice as many fish as we stock!  Keep it up.  Stockings start this month.   Remember you cannot bring guests on scheduled stocking dates. Occasionally, I have to reschedule a stocking. This is normally due to high water.  Since this is at a moment’s notice, I can only inform people on our email list. If a date changes and it is not posted the newsletter and you bring a guest it is OK. I do not post stocking information on the website.

One more reminder, please do not post information about the club fishing on any of the public fishing forums. This includes pictures too. We don’t need the advertisement to attract poachers. Have fun and respect our wonderful resource. 



Bob Sutay

(203) 217-1014