At Fairfield County F&GPA archery has become a very active venue. So active in fact that we have built a multi level platform stand for practice by our bow hunters. In addition we now host one of the finest shooting pavilions in the state of Connecticut. Our shooting range has target butts for field use starting at 20 yards out to 50 yards. Every summer we host a league open to the public one evening per week. Any level of archer is welcomed and encouraged to join the fun. A grill is available for those who wish to bring their dinner and eat in the pavilion. Our range is lighted and fully powered. Even if you are a new shooter and have never shot before, fellow archers will welcome you and offer their expertise. (Acceptance of this so called expertise is optional.)

Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association is a member of the Connecticut Archery Association. Most members are also affiliated with the National Field Archery Association. As a member of the CAA, Fairfield County Archers coordinate 3D competitions with other CAA clubs through out the year. These competitions are open to the public and you need not to be a member of any of organization to join in. Fairfield County offers a 30 target 3D course spread out over more then a mile on groomed easy walking trails. This course is changed for every shoot. There is also a summer 3D archery league on Wednesday nights that runs from June until September. In addition to our great outdoor facility we also have an indoor 20 yard shooting range 10 shooting positions wide. In-door leagues are held evenings staring with a winter league that runs from January to March, the spring league runs from April to June and the Fall league is from September to November. Anyone interested in participating in the indoor league please contact any of the names listed under Contacts.

Archery is a fun, healthy sport that will develop concentration and muscle tone in a fun environment. Even if you are not sure if you will like archery, contact anyone of the names here for more information. Give it a try!


Joe Gilberti

(203) 816-1915